December 22: Favorite Thing: Hot and cold running water Advent with SusieJ

Hot and cold running water

Hot and cold clean running water is the pinnacle of civilization.

First, the health benefits are dramatic; one needs only look at Flint Michigan; Hawaii; or the fracking in Pennsylvania to see how polluted water will kill us. That doesn't include water-borne diseases.

Second, humanity has spend centuries studying water-borne diseases, pollutants, and how to reliably deliver clean water. We humans are out our best working together to benefit everyone.

Third, there is nothing like a hot shower on a cold morning, or a tepid shower after a day of July gardening. The feel of the water warming up (or cooling down) the body, shoulders relaxing under the flow, and stepping out of the stall clean and refreshed.

Aperol Spritz

They say if you can't drink the water, have a cocktail. This two-part champagne cocktail is extremely easy to make and will make even a too-sweet bubbly perfectly drinkable.

Photo of mostly river on a slightly cloudy day, with skyscrapers in the distance.

Philadelphia's Schuylkill River, as seen looking north from the South Street Bridge.