December 21: Favorite Things: Changing seasons Advent with SusieJ

Changing seasons

Out of the seasons, none is really my favorite. In Winter, I love bundling up to play in the snow, and then hunkering down under a pile of blankets. Then comes Spring with flowering bulbs and trees, rhubarb, and biking outdoors again. Summer is gardening season, watching thunderstorms, and lying in the sun or shade. With Fall, baking begins again, along with slow cooking dishes like applesauce, beef Stroganoff, and stock.

Best of all, the seasons in Philadephia change. When it seems Winter will last forever, the snowdrops pop their heads out. The variable warmth of Spring gives way to the steady heat of Summer. One day the humidity is gone and it's Fall sweater weather again. And then evenings are dark and it's nearly time for Christmas.

Cinnamon Sandies

"Heidesand" are a buttery, crumbly cookie. The ingredients are simple, as is the browned butter technique, as long as the butter is watched closely and not allowed to burn.

Photo looking straight up at some red maple leaves, with clear blue sky above.

Leaves on the red maples are a dark burgundy in Spring and a bright red in Fall.