December 17: Weeding Advent with SusieJ


This is not to say the garden isn't completely choked with weeds by mid-August, but there is joy in yanking the little invaders out by their roots.

If the weeds aren't too thick, a three-tined cultivator (looks like an oversized fork with tines bent forward) does a nice job loosening the dirt to pull the weeds out. When the weeds get thicker, the weeder-hoe comes out. When the weeds are taller than toddlers, often they can be yanked out by gripping the stem close to the ground with two hands on different sections of the stem. If not, it's time for the shovel.

The whole process is very satisfying. It's a good upper body workout. The weeds go back into the compost piles. When it's all over, the garden bed is clean and tidy. Until next week, when the buggers have reseeded themselves.

Käsefüssle: cheesy feet crackers

These rich, savory foot-shaped soft crackers are easy to make and bake, and are a fun appetizer.

Close up of small, purple weeds in a lawn.

Weeds, but make them pretty. The "lawn" is whatever plants keep the soil from eroding. If they bloom in spring, so much the better.