December 13: Favorite Things: Fountain pens Advent with SusieJ

Fountain Pens

I still write by hand, but less and less each year. Where my handwriting was once beautiful (and mostly legible) it is now rather wobbly and uneven. My teen makes a game of (mis)interpreting the grocery list weekend mornings. Writing by hand is still a joy: work notes, to-do lists, even paying by check. As a work-study student for IBM Germany, one of the managers gave me a branded Lamy fountain pen. I wrote many letters home with that pen, and still use it, although more for sentimental reasons than the quality of the nib.

Since then, my nephew gave me a very reasonably priced Pilot fountain pen, with a fine tip that glides across paper like a professional skater. It makes planning projects from Advent calendars to application re-writes far more enjoyable. Even paying bills are less painful, especially when using mom's letter opener.

Bills have almost become fun. Almost.


It's what's for breakfast, with many variations for however you want to start your morning.

Close up of two dark fountain pens lying on two open notebooks with handwritten notes.

Fountain pens are best for writing down family recipes (front) and meeting notes (back).