December 12: Dishtowels Advent with SusieJ


How could anyone like dishtowels so much that they actually collect them?

As part of the kitchen renovation, I updated, upgraded, and replaced quite a lot of things: the broken dishwasher, worn pot holders, horribly designed Oster blender, mismatching bakeware where each baked at a different rate, and the dishtowels that didn't match the new color scheme. It was a blast!

For towels and potholders, I sought out bright, seasonal colors and quirky, graphic patterns. Many have cats on them. Even if no one else notices, I do match the towels to the season when entertaining: the autumn leaves for Thanksgiving, bright colors in the summer, black cats in October. Otherwise, they get rotated into use like the cans on grocery store shelves; no particular one is a favorite.


This cooked eggnog is rich enough that a small cup can be a desert on its own, without giving you salmonella. It can be as boozy as you wish, even not at all.

Folded dishtowels laid out in a grid to showcase the different colors and patterns.

Collage of dishtowels.