December 1: Favorite things Advent with SusieJ


Christmas is too often, well, not a disappointment, but just unable to live up to the expectations placed on it. I much prefer Advent. Some of that is anticipation, most of that preparing for Christmas is a little celebration in and of itself: memories as heirlooms decorate the house and the tree, the meditation of forming dozens of cookies, the giddiness of snow, the joy of finding the perfect surprise gift.

This year focusses on favorite things. They are mostly small and mundane. They all spark joy — because life is too short to surround yourself with things and activities that don't make you happy.

Forgotten cookies

Forgotten cookies were my favorite cookie well into adulthood. The feel of the chips melting on my tongue was divine. Both Mom and Granma baked these.

An Advent wreath of four mis-matched candles, with one burning.